Betting on Derby horse racing is as significant as the horse race itself.   The desire to bet on the fastest horses actually started from the ancient civilization globally, and now to the Kentucky Derby Betting windows at Churchill Downs and people bet on the fastest horse on a set course at a set distance, which remained unaffected.

Kentucky Derby: Betting the First sparkler in the Triple Crown: Triple Crown is one of the important races as it is the first of 3 American Triple Crown of racing.  The other two sparklers are the Belmont and the Preakness. Till now only 12 horses have won this popular Triple Crown, and they won all the races in the same year. Every year, the wagers put pressure on the Kentucky Derby winner to win the race.  However, the biggest challenge is that the three venues are different from each other; the Pimlico Race Course that hosts the Preakness is the shortest among the three. While the Belmont Park that hosts the Belmont Stakes is the longest among the three.

It is very important to know about the track before betting on KD (Kentucky Derby) because, certain types of racehorses will be successful there, but some struggle a lot.  The Kentucky Derby track was first started in 1875; so many people can exactly predict the future winner at this track.

You can do some research on the internet and know more about on how to bet Kentucky Derby, but first, you should find the reliable website.  Betting on Kentucky Derby can be a good money making opportunity, but you should also learn more about the odds on the big race before opening up an account.

Types of Bets:

Win-Place-Show Bets

Many people who love horse racing more likely to bet on the fastest horse, and it can be easy and fun.  There are various wagers offered for each race, but these three are the most acceptable and popular horse racing bets.

The ‘win’ wager is the first one, in this betting, the horse that you bet on must win the race so that you can win the wager.

The next bet is ‘place’,  in this you are betting on a horse that can be in the top 2 finishes, then you will win the wager. The horse must finish the race first or second.

The third type is ‘show’ wager, which means you have to choose a horse that can come in the top 3 position.  If your betting horse finishes in the top 3, then you will win the wager,  your horse can come, first, second or third.

Winning is the ‘win’ wager is very hard, that is why it will capitulate the highest payoff among these three wagers. However, the ‘show’ wager will get the lowest payoff, but there will be more chances of winning the bet.  The minimum bet is only 2 dollars for a win, place and show bet.

Exacta Bets:

If you become professional in the win, place, and show wagers, then the next one you can try is Exacta bet. It is more complicated than win, show, and place bets, but it can pay off higher profits.  You have to bet an exacta by choosing minimum two horses that can finish first and second. You will win the bet only if your horse finishes the race first and second.