The Kentucky Derby is a unique chance for women to show off their Southern beauty, and it’s the unique feature of the Kentucky Derby, where in, the sports parties, women show off their finest spring fashions. Even men spectators like to look at their best by selecting the best dress for the Kentucky Oaks and Derby. Col. Lewis Clark Jr., the founder of the Kentucky Derby had a vision for occurrences that felt both luxurious and comfortable, and that today you can find at the Derby, it’s a place where you find numerous fashions.

There are no particular rules to visit Churchill Downs, but, women dressing for Derby became a part of the sport because the attire of the women reveals that how much they could spend on the day.  If you observe the reserved seating area, including clubhouse, grandstand, corporate  and suites areas, the women generally wear Pastel colored suits, spring dresses, or accessories, that match with their Derby headwear and etc.


When choosing a dress for attending the KD (Kentucky Derby), then choose simple attire and choose spring colors that can match with your hat, also you can choose the colorful dress  with equine patterns or floral patterns. The company called Vineyard Vines is where you can find official Kentucky Derby; it has created beautiful dresses just for the race.  Also, it is suggestible to wear layers of dresses because the Derby race is an outdoor sport and predicting weather conditions is not an easy task.  So, it is better to come prepared for the race.


The Kentucky Derby outfit is not complete if you do not wear proper shoes, sandals or heels.  Also, it is advisable to get an extra pair of flats as this historic ground can be slippery and the grounds can be difficult to move around freely.



The hat covers most of your fashion statement, so you don’t need to worry much about it. You don’t need large, assertion jewelry.  You can wear simple jewelry; also you can enjoy wearing themed jewelry during the celebrations.


The Derby is a long day event, and it demands a lot of walking, so, you have to pack some of the vital accessories. It is suggestible to get a large bag in which you put a water bottle, a pair of flat shoes, sunglasses, your program schedule, a poncho, sunscreen, and etc.  Also, get a small bag to put your wagers, cash, phone, and other important stuff.


People find the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby is different from the other sports because of its hats, they can set the difference from racing to other sports or entertainment.  This fastest two minutes in sport is a spectacle sport where you can see the most traditional fashions and it is the highest watching event in the world.  You can choose any kind of hat for the Derby, there is no limits or rules to choose your hat.

People believe that wearing a hat to the Derby race can bring them good luck.  This elongated traditional fashion was started by the women viewers, but now, from the past few years, men also taking part in this tradition.