The Kentucky Derby is a horse race that will be held every year in Kentucky, Louisville, US, on the first Saturday in the month of May. The people celebrate the Kentucky Derby festival for two weeks. For 3-year-old Thoroughbreds, the race is considered as a Grade I stakes race on a one-quarter mile (2km) distance at Churchill Downs. Geldings and Clots bear 126pounds, which is around 57kg and fillies 121pounds, (55kg).

The   point system is for the Road to the Kentucky Derby where the horses are eligible for a position in the opening gate in the KD (Kentucky Derby).  It features above thirty-five stakes races for 2 and 3-year-old Thoroughbreds. However, the specific races and a number have been changed a little over the years.  The Road to Kentucky point system restores the earlier qualifying system which appeared at profits from the global graded stake races.

The horse race in the US is known as “The most thrilling two minutes in Sports” or “The quickest 2minutes in Sports” as it takes only 2 minutes to finish the sport. This horse race is also known as “The Run for the Roses” as the winner will be covered with roses.  In the ATC (American Triple Crown) it is the first leg and it is followed by the PS (Preakness Stakes), and then the BS (Belmont Stakes.

The Kentucky Derby series is separated into two segments, the KD Championship series and KD Prep Season.  The Kentucky Derby Prep season subsists of the beginning races on synthetic surfaces or dirt over distances of minimum one mile that actually takes place between the end of the September and the end of the February. The points are rewarded to the top four finishers in each race with a scale of 10-4-2-1, but it is not given for BCJ (Breeder’s Cup Juvenile). For BCJ the rewarded point scale is 20-8-4-2.  The championship season abides ‘wild card’ round and two-legs. The first-leg integrates insignificant prep races, generally, Grade II with a scale of 50-20-10-5, and the 2nd leg integrates major prep races, generally Grade I with a scale of 100-40-20-10. The ‘wild card’ abides one race and has a scale of 10-4-2-1.

The top 19 point riders are allowed in a position in the opening gate in the KD, however, the real post position will be decided by random draw later.  If any of the riders at the top 19 position or 20th position gets a horse from Japan, they are disqualified to enter the Derby and their position will be given to the next rank riders on the list.  Around 24 horses with bottom 4-points-earners are also allowed to enter the race. In case, if any one of the top 20 horses is injured after taking the position and before the betting starts, then the next ranked rider/horse on the list will be allowed to run the race.

In case, two or more horses earn a same number of points, then it is called tiebreaker and they are allowed to race in non-restricted stakes races even if they are not graded.  The tiebreakers divide the points equally. If any owner wishes a filly to run the race, then the horse need to get points as geldings and colts in the same races and the rider cannot transfer the points earned in the Road to Kentucky Oaks to the Derby.


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