Kentucky Derby Museum

The Kentucky Derby Museum is a major attraction in the Louisville, Kentucky. The region is famous for its tradition, hospitality, history and it is famous for its world-famous Kentucky Derby.  The Kentucky Museum allows you to experience permanent and temporary interactive levels of exhibits.  The supreme race, a 360-degree visual experience and riveting sound that will make you exciting. You can enjoy historic walking tours to the racetrack at Churchill Downs, and you can also get a chance to meet the beautiful miniature horse and strong Thoroughbred. Also, you can buy souvenirs at the Gift Shop.

This American Thoroughbred Kentucky Derby horse racing museum located at Churchill Downs in Kentucky.  This museum was built to preserve and dedicate the history of the Kentucky Derby, it was opened to the public in the year 1985.James Graham Brown donated a lot of money for the museum, and the initial funding came from the estate of Brown.

The museum contains two floors and the exhibit space includes a 360-degree theater where you can watch the greatest race.  The exhibits and the film can explain the visitors and they can learn about training and breeding of a young  colt and how do they get trained to take part in the Kentucky Derby and how do they get trained to be Derby’s winner’s circle.  All the winners of the Kentucky Derby are honored in the WJ Time Machine, where the visitors are allowed to watch the KD from 1918 to the current day.  The museum exhibits the highlight the owners, jockeys, and trainers stories and also the highlights the importance of African-American jockeys and the trainers who trained the Thoroughbred. You can take a walk around Churchill Down’s barn, jockey’s quarter, infield areas, press box and millionaire’s row, etc.

The Kentucky Derby museum got destroyed due to the flooding occurred on August 4, 2009, and it was closed for some days for cleanup and recovery.  The flood spoiled several exhibits on the museum’s main floor, and many of them were dismantled and destroyed. The museum’s BOD (Board of Directors) decided to renovate the museum. The renovation, the museum was reopened on April 18, 2010.

Champions Trophies:

The Kentucky Derby Museum has documented the Champions Trophies given to the Derby winners, the museum authorities still finding all the details of the missing trophies, around 10 missing trophies information they need, and 8 of which are from the year 1924 and the other two are from the year 1922 and 1923.  The missing trophies and its winners for the year are as follows:

  • 2002: War Emblem
  • 1986: Ferdinand
  • 1962: Decidedly
  • 1951:Count Turf
  • 1947: Jet Pilot
  • 1936: Bold Venture
  • 1929: Clyde Van Dusen
  • 1924: Black Gold
  • 1923: Zev
  • 1922: Morvich

The Kentucky Derby Museum is the best way to learn and experience the KD (Kentucky Derby). It allows you to explore several historic events and people who visited the museum will definitely say that it is well-maintained and well-administered. Visit the Kentucky Derby museum when you visit Louisville.